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Mary Dermcare

We specialize in BESPOKE treatments combining 
Holistic Skincare with Advanced Aesthetics to create a personalized beauty and wellness experience for our clients.



Bespoke Glow Wellness Facial
+ Lift & Sculpt

Featuring our Microcurrent and Energy Lift - a multilayer customized nourishing, boosting circulation, collagen and elastin stimulation. Helps to tighten and smoothen the muscles by increasing cellular activity, plus deeply hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, perfect for the colder season. Includes Oxygen infusion with bursting essential nutrients and mechanical exfoliation to deeply cleanse the top layer of the skin for ultimate nourishment. Finishing up with a Gua Sha/Gemstone massage and Green/Red LED light therapy.

Duration: 90 minutes

Now $179 ($349 Reg.)

Our Signature Wellness Facials

Advanced Aesthetics Services

We deliver cutting-edge procedures that complement our wellness services to help our clients achieve a holistic transformation. Our clinic uses the latest technology to provide a range of treatments that address various skin issues.

Holistic Health Services

Our holistic wellness treatments includes an overall health and lifestyle assessment to co-create a  holistic treatment plan with our clients. We integrate different modalities focusing on nourishing your body as a whole.

What Our Clients Say

"Mary is the best holistic skincare provider that I have ever been to. She is very thorough when it comes to your skin condition and giving you the appropriate treatment and educates you how to read labels on skincare and food products. It is a real gift to know her."
Ms. Ilene Kristen, American Actress
Sohoah L.

"Mary is one of the best in NYC as far as I know. She is very knowledgeable in Holistic skin care and she taught me a lot about how to take care of my skin. She is lovely and I'm happy to have met her."


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