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As experienced professionals in the beauty and wellness industry, each one of the staff members at Mary Dermcare LLC has their own specialty. Together, we make a winning team of experts eager to serve our clients and achieve their treatment goals. Our beauty and wellness providers are always there to listen to our patients’ needs and concerns, and able to create a unique treatment plan for each of them. Want to meet one of our specialists?

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Holistic Healthcare Consultant and Advanced Aesthetic Provider

Mary Jane Gonzales is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She has a laundry list of specialties, including aesthetic laser medicine, nutrition, hair loss and skincare expert, psychology, spirituality, healing energy, natural medicine, and cosmetic sciences. Mary’s mission has been to educate her clients about all the benefits of a holistic approach to skin health, Hormone rebalancing, and gut health reinforcement. She believes a non-invasive approach to beauty and well-being is an effective long-term solution for healthy, beautiful skin. This includes educating her clients on how to read product labels, modify food intake and hydration, and get adequate sleep. Mary's holistic approach is focused on prevention and control.

Mary Dermcare was founded in 2018 by Mary Jane N. Gonzales, based in New York State. Mary has been practicing Holistic skincare and Wellness for more than 20 years in her beloved country, the Philippines. She mastered her craft at various renowned institutions in the Philippines, London United Kingdom, Greece, Canada,New Jersey, and New York.  Nothing lifts her as much as helping others, and she finds purpose in using her skills and knowledge to educate and touch other people's lives. Mary’s mission is to share what she has learned and inspire others in many ways – be it through a helping hand, soothing words, educating, or making you look good and feel great from within.


Affiliations: American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Society of Cosmetic Chemists, The Associations of Holistic Skincare Practitioners, US Trichology, American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners, American Medical Certification Association.

At Mary Dermcare LLC, we recognize modern procedures that provide instant results, whether laser therapy, invasive treatment, or even fillers to botox. 

We incorporate the practice of holistic approach to supporting the body and skin to minimize side-effects and provide longer-lasting  results.


Integrating conventional and natural healthcare to make the aging process more enjoyable, slowing down cellular damage, preventing discomfort, promote optimal health and beauty from the inside out.

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