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With hectic work schedules and demanding responsibilities, busy professionals often struggle to prioritize their health and wellness. However, neglecting self-care can harm physical and mental well-being, decreasing productivity and burnout. So, we contacted industry experts for their tried-and-true tips to help busy professionals navigate the daily grind and incorporate wellness into their routines. In this guide, we’ll share their advice on simple yet effective wellness strategies that can be easily implemented into daily routines. From quick exercise routines to stress-reducing techniques, these tips can help busy professionals improve their overall well-being and thrive in their careers.

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Mary Jane Nunez Gonzales

Title: Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Aesthetic Provider, Holistic Skincare and Hair Loss Practitioner, Wellness Coach

As busy business professionals, we are one of this planet’s most stressed-out people. We experience cognitive health problems, affinity stress, economic challenges, and diminished health. Because of this, we must take a good hard look at our wellness practically. Taking care of your health is vital and just as crucial as taking care of your business.

Some practical strategies can be implemented immediately, yet self-discipline is indispensable between your goals and accomplishment. So let’s take it one day at a time.

*Getting Adequate Sleep Set up your bedroom like your little piece of heaven, a rejuvenating space; add some air-purifying potted plants; play wellness music with 432–528hz -this frequency may activate your natural body’s deep relaxation experience. Sleep is often the first thing to decline when you have a busy schedule, which can harm your health. Your ability to function while awake depends on your sleep quality. Inadequate sleep increases your chances of acquiring chronic health discomfort. Regardless of how busy you are, you must set a time to shut down for the day to get a whole night’s rest. A full night’s rest is 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Make sure to turn your phone off at least an hour before bed, dim the lights, and allow your body to rejuvenate itself. Your body, mind, spirit, and business will thank you.

*Mindful Breathing When you get stressed, your body needs more oxygen. Therefore, it is vital to check your breathing throughout the day. Breathing is a primary source of life for all living things, as it allows the human body to obtain the energy it needs to support itself and its functions. Practice meditation and whisper your daily desire affirmation with gratitude.

*Stay Hydrated As busy individuals, we never stop using our brains, so the more we use them, the more water we need. One of water’s most significant health benefits is its positive impact on brain processes. Water helps supply the fluid necessary to cushion the brain and spinal cord and protect them from damage. On the other hand, dehydration may disrupt the hormones and neurotransmitters needed for proper brain function, mainly the tasks involved in reasoning, focus, and short-term memory. Adequate hydration can promote healthy brain function and clear, measured thinking. Enjoy some coconut water; it can be a great way to rehydrate and is rich in electrolytes. Can’t live without coffee? One cup of coffee, Double the dose of water to keep your system hydrated. Want to avoid the taste of plain water? Make your energizer drink by adding 3–5 drops of trace minerals in 500ml water. It helps boost your immune functions and gives you dewy, glowy skin.

*Fuel Your Body with nourishing food. Plan, get organized and prepare your food ahead of time. Foods influence our mental health and how a tremendously beneficial, balanced healthy lifestyle supports our natural body’s renewal — eating whole foods such as fruits with a low glycemic index, vegetables, and fiber-rich food is essential for optimal gut health. Gut health is brain health. The healthier your gut, the better you perform as a busy business professional.

*Connect with Nature Lace up your shoes, walk, jog, run under the sky or nature, and enjoy the happy hormones from the sunshine. There are numerous benefits from breathing fresh air, regulating natural vitamin D, and recreating while exercising. Or plan your one weekend, take off your shoes, walk on the sandy shore, or ground yourself barefoot. Research shows that people more connected with nature are usually more satisfied and more likely to feel their lives are valuable. In addition, nature can generate many positive emotions, such as tranquility, joy, and creativity, and promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

*Manage your energy proficiently. As a holistic health practitioner, one of my practices is protecting my energy from harmful elements because our energy can heal or destroy. So save energy by saying “NO” to unnecessary things or unhealthy matters. Learn to say NO if something doesn’t suit your core value; it’s an influential thing you can control. Remember, do the things that make your soul happy. Whatever business venture you choose or profession, your fieldwork will be like your playground.

*Be generously kind.

One of my daily goals is to make even just one person smile, which brightens my day indeed!

Activate your oxytocin by being kind. It is free and better than medicine. It is cardio protection; it means the kinder you are, the happier your heart gets. So get social, share your smile, appreciate little things, celebrate others’ tiny victories, pat someone on the back and give a hug. According to science, kindness generates a response in your brain. They are in charge of your mood., and that is responsible for feeling an increased sense of connectedness, an increased sense of trust. So, oxytocin promotes social bonding and can lower your blood pressure. It can dilate your blood vessels so that your heart receives more oxygen. So, kindness is cardioprotective. It protects your heart. It strengthens your immune system. It improves your energy. As you mentioned, it reduces aches and pains and can lead to a longer lifespan. In the process, you also experienced an increase in self-esteem. So, you’re living longer and feeling better about yourself. And oxytocin is the mediator between kindness and those benefits to you, to your actual physical health.

Remember, running your own business can be stressful, and you owe it to yourself, so invest the time you need for some deserved self-care.

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