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Inclusions: Deep pore cleansing, High frequency, and Botanical Mask.

30 Mins. Lunch Skin Nourishment  $149 

A nourishing quick skin rescue suitable for busy individuals with dry, dehydrated, or just need some pick-me-up skin glow

60 Mins. Nourishing Back-Facial - $269

A purifying treatment designed to pamper and nourish the most neglected-hard to reach part of the body, your back.  Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydrating mask, finishing with Phototherapy for a healthy glowing back

15mins Ultra-Bright Underarm Treatment- $69

A specially formulated serum to hydrate and brightens underarm by using Ultrasound infusion

Add a 45 mins. Dermaplaning + Green LED Phototherapy  - $199

Dermaplaning removes the vellus hair or peach fuzz that may cause some congestion and traps dirt and oil. It helps penetrates product absorption and adds instant glow, brightens and smoothens the skin. Note: Vellus hair grows back the same hair texture, so no worries

90 Mins.Bespoke Facial - $499

Enhanced-customised all-inclusive Treatment - Bt-Titan Advanced Microexfoliation, Ultra-Infusion, Microcurrent, Phototherapy

15 Minutes Healing Touch - $69

A facial massage utilizing acupressure techniques designed to create a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that activates self-healing energy

60 Mins. Microdermabrasion + Ultra-Nutrient infusion + Green LED Phototherapy - $249

Best for minor blemishes, UV damage, dehydration, dryness, and dullness

Ultra-Nutrient Infusion- $49

Vit C, Hyaluronic Acid, & Brightening cocktails, and more

For special promo discount TEXT 929-303-1304 

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