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Mary Dermcare was founded in 2018 by Mary Jane Gonzales based in New York State. She has been practicing Holistic skincare and Wellness for more than 18 years in her beloved country, the Philippines. She mastered her craft at various renowned institutions in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Greece, New Jersey and New York. In addition, she continued studying and finalizing her education as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.


She has a laundry list of specialties, including aesthetic laser medicine, nutrition, skincare, psychology, spirituality, healing energy, natural medicine, and cosmetic sciences. She even has a black belt in Taekwondo, is a thrill-seeker, and loves outdoor activities. Passion and dedication are evident in her work. She is passionate about learning, but she sees it as a means, not the end. Nothing lifts her as much as helping others, and she finds purpose in using her skills and knowledge to educate and touch other people. Her philosophies in life combine her personal experiences, lessons from her late father, endless energy from her mother, and hard-earned successes. Her mission is to share what she has learned and inspire others in many ways – be it through a helping hand, soothing words, or making you look good and feel great from within.


She has an unfailing personal conviction that "Time is precious, but energy is more valuable." Therefore, we should organize our energy, not our time, for we cannot stop or govern time - it passes and flows regardless of what we do. "You can't control time, but you can manage your energy to save time."


Energy is her anchor, her currency. Thus, she carefully pays attention to which thoughts, activities, and people she would spend her energy on. She could give her time for all other trivial matters, but she would preserve her energy. As a holistic healthcare practitioner, she knows the importance of providing our minds and bodies proper care. Just like animals and plants in nature, to live joyfully, everyone requires growth, rest, replenishment, and nourishment from cell to soul. 


If you want to accomplish the most pleasing thing, you have to have the best energy.

The most significant waste of energy for her is Complaining. "The world is already filled with loud noises that are other people's opinions. Don't add internal negative chatter as well. Speaking of other people's views, she asks, would you like them to serve as your remote control? Click. This is the way you should act. Click. This is the way you should look. Click. This is the way you should talk. Just grab the remote control of your life and do exactly that - take control. We have limited energy, and it's our responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to replenish it and use it wisely."


 Gratitude is a very bright light, and Mary illuminates with it. She wakes up every day with a grateful heart and doesn't take anything for granted. Throughout the day, she would handle different clients. It doesn't matter if you're her first client or her tenth - her energy, attention, and dedication for you would be the same. When asked what her secret is, she would say, "I always think that I am my first client. I treat myself as I would my clients - with love, care, respect, and compassion." 


Some people view the glass as either half-empty or half-full, and then people like Mary are just grateful for the glass. "Each morning, I am an empty cup, and each morning I fill myself with gratitude." This proves that positive affirmations affect our disposition and general outlook in life. You will see life through the filters of joy, love, and light. She also has another sacred practice - each morning, she looks in the mirror and says, "You are enough today. You are beautiful because you make others feel and look beautifully healthy.




She understood the real world by being a part of a big family at an early age. As the youngest of 12 children, she realized how deeper connections and genuine love poured out each one of them and learned to embrace the chaos when everyone needs attention, demand, and care. She is eternally grateful to her supermom, her mother, who had her methods of disciplining them with mixed martial arts and tough love, yet it was enriching because it made her the person she is today. It was a happy memory for her having loving sisters and brothers to come home to, eating good food, and making joyful memories with her elders. She was the brightest light and the joy in the family. She believes that the familiarity and spontaneity of a big family is a blessed situation that enables them to grow accountable while unfolding the worst to be the best version of themselves.


She also learned the true meaning of the virtue of charity from her late father, who was her greatest influence. "I remember how they would always open up our home to those in need and never falters to help others even though we do not have much." That is when she learned the value of giving and how life will also be gracious to you if you are generous to others. Indeed, life has been pleasing to Mary, but sheer luck cannot be attributed. She developed her work ethic early, working hard and smart. Although, before she reached adulthood, she had already experienced success in business and becoming an achiever, she always had a burning desire to discover new things and learn. She has a belief that work is meaningful when it truly aligns with your worth, and her values include being a blessing to others.


Using the metaphor that we should see ourselves as gifts, she says, "I believe I am a gift to others in this world. A gift is wrapped beautifully so I always wear my best self. People get excited when they receive gifts so I also ensure that I give value to people." Her purpose in life is to use her natural talents, acquired knowledge with wisdom, and God-given gifts to enhance other people's quality of life for the better.




What is life but a series of choices? Your decisions now will be your future. Mary believes that every purpose we have is just a decision away. "The moment you wake up, you are already making a choice - Are you going to get up or stay in bed? Are you going to decide how you want your day to go, or will you depend on other people?" She states that the more we trust ourselves and our judgments, it will be a habit for us to make the best decisions for ourselves. She is constantly considering herself victorious and consistently thriving because she unfailingly chooses to keep learning. "I know the value of myself, what I needed and desired. So I make decisions that are progressive rather than forceful."


It is also her philosophy that dealing with negativity is a choice. "When other people hurt you, it's your choice to be burned by it or see it as an opportunity for you to filter who influences you." Someone who has faced a lot of heartbreak and adversity can maintain her positive outlook because she doesn't burden her heart with toxic feelings. "The heart is not a trash can, don't keep garbage for long; you have to learn how to let go and forgive." Our attitude changes, but the character is who you are even when no one is around. If you want to have a better life, start making better choices.




What you will also find very inspiring is her approach to failures. She had won many battles, but no one escaped life unscathed. She had her fair share of defeats, losses, and setbacks. Yet she is not afraid of failure. "It's like a see-saw. I'm not scared to fall because I know how to get up again. I know how to find the balance. That's the enjoyment of life… the ups and downs. As long as I have a ground to stand on, I can grow wings to fly."

Lastly, she lives by heart one lesson she won't forget from her late father. He once told her, "With the unspoken words, you are the master. But with the spoken words, you are the slave." That is why she is always careful with her commitments and integrity. She will underpromise and overdeliver.


Her three foundations in life are her faith in God, her belief in her gifts, and her mantra that she is a blessing to others. These are just some of the philosophies that make her who she is today. Along the way, she faced a lot of quests, big and small, but in the end, she discovered the secret that makes one a champion - that transformation begins with oneself. She ended up profoundly improving herself, relying on her inner resources to make her whole. And that's when she started to share her shimmer with the world.


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